We’re all hanging from a wire these days, we’ve taken that wire, plugged it in and we’ll be beaming hours of top class Southside creative talent into your homes this Spring.

With thanks to Glasgow City Council's Area Partnerships for supporting Plugged In & Wired, our first virtual festival, and for supporting our passion for producing a prime platform for creative talent on the Southside of Glasgow.

Plugged In & Wired  ..................

Meet Our Advisory Team ...........

Over Summer we invited Southsiders to join us and help with the many various things needing done to deliver our award winning festival each year. We had an amazing response from a number of talented and skilled folks. Hit the link to meet our 2021 Advisory Team.







We are continually reviewing the situation of  our festival in relation to CV19. We are working on innovations and creative ways of taking the festival forward. Please keep an eye on our website and on our socials. As and when we have announcements we will also update our blog. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Update from the Team ........

Like so many in events, the arts and across many industries,  our income generating activities have been impacted by the pandemic. We're always grateful for the donations we receive. If you can afford to, please help support Southside Fringe.

Donate ........

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