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The Southside Fringe Festival is a 16 day annual festival held in May in venues, businesses and locations across the Southside of Glasgow. Each year we have between 30 - 50 local venues hosting between 100 - 200 art, drama, cabaret, comedy, music, literature, spoken word, health and lifestyle and food and drink events. To date we've been a self funded community led and volunteer run festival. We had the first festival in 2013, 2019 will be our seventh annual festival. August to October we try to get all our venues signed up and over the winter we put out the call for event organisers to fill those venues with experimental goodness and top quality entertainment in May. Thanks to Stewart McDonald MP we've been commended in Westminster twice now for the impact we've made in Glasgow and we won the Scottish Hospitality Award for Best Scottish Festival 2017 and received a Highly Commended in the same category in 2018. 

How did it all start...

Back in 2009 co-founder Corinna Currie, together with actors Vince Docherty, Karen Fraser and comedian Bruce Morton formed Further South. A few events were organised via local night club La Roche Rumba and the satirical campaign Greater Shawlands Republic. There was an existing festival on the Southside, the Southside Festival. We'd all been involved in various ways and the existing fest was doing the job of catering to kids and families but the needs of the creative community on the Southside weren't being met and opportunities to boost local businesses and artists weren't being maximised. The more folk we chatted to, the more we realised there were many voices saying and wanting the same thing. In 2011 Further South began to morph in to the Southside Fringe and in 2012 local music promoter, Crawford Smith came on board for the first four festivals and together they all gave the festival the push it needed to get it off the ground in 2013. 


How things have changed over the years...

Having run the festival as a voluntary organisation, in 2018 we became a Community Interest Company. At that point we also now had 3 Directors, Corinna, David & Gary all of whom have been involved with the Fringe since day one. We work with an advisory group with folks whose experience or backgrounds range from local businesses, venues, local radio, local schools, performers, community groups and community councils. These wonderful individuals help us to develop our programme each year. We’re proud to say to date the programme coordination, production and promotion have been entirely self funded, the fees we take for event and venue registrations have pretty much covered that aspect of the festival. The festival had grown and for everyone’s sanity we could no longer run it with volunteers alone. Thanks to a bridging loan, we were able to take on Meg Curran to help Corinna steer the good ship Southside Fringe. Meg has volunteered with us since 2014 and we were delighted that she joined us as our first full time employee. Throughout 2019, we worked hard to create a Community and Arts Hub in Shawlands where we work from and also hire out for events, gigs, workshops and more! Our 2019 festival was buzzing and we truly hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

What's happening now...

We have changed a wee bit since becoming a Community Interest Company in 2018. After many years of hard work and dedication, Gary and David stood down from being Directors to focus on their own work. We truly wouldn't have done it without them and for that we are extremely grateful. Therefore, with there being a space on the Board of Directors, Meg has now taken over the role of Operations Director working alongside our Managing Director, Corinna. We have also just launched brand new merch designed by the incredible Kaitlin Mechan that you can buy now! Southside Fringe also now has options available for online promotion for businesses, creators, makers and performers! 

Other things we are up to... 

We're working with Glad Cafe, Southside Film and the Worker's Theatre as part of the Langside Hall Cooperative Ltd to help the Langside Halls Trust in their asset transfer for the building and advise on programming. 

Their is brand new training being rolled out in 2020 to develop event management skills for 12 - 18 year olds. 

Southside Fringe Management Team

Current Southside Fringe Directors 

Previous Southside Fringe Directors 

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Corinna Currie

Managing Director