A message from the Fringe Family...

We love our Southsiders, each and every single one of you. We are incredibly proud to live and work in the community that we do. The support that the Southside Fringe Festival has been given over the years is immense and we truly couldn’t be in our eighth year without every musician, performer, creative, audience member and social media follower from the Southside and further afield.

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we have had to cancel our launch weekend and we are postponing our venue-based Southside Fringe Festival programme for 2020. We knew that this announcement was coming but it is incredibly sad to see it written down. Don’t worry we will be back though!

If you’ve paid fees for registering your venue, event or booking your advert; thank you so much for supporting us but we know that every penny counts just now and we’re offering full refunds. If you fall into one of these categories then you should have already received an email from us about this but if we have somehow missed you then please get in touch with us.

We also don't have an income stream from gigs, bookings and other advertising just now due to not being able to programme our venue On The Fringe and not being able to curate our 2020 festival. You can support us by donating to our Crowdfunder and get your hands on some awesome merch and/or a ticket to a Big After Party when the world goes back to normal! We would be super grateful for any donations but please only donate if you can. Please donate to our Crowdfunder.

We would also love to keep our social media up to date with what’s happening on the Southside. We truly can’t keep up with all of the wonderful content and creativity coming from folks homes. (how amazing is that though!) So, please let us know about any online events, info, groups etc. and we'll do our best to share through our social media channels. You can contact us either by sharing your posts and tagging Southside Fringe, or send a message to our Facebook page with your links.

The Fringe Directors are currently focusing our energy on keeping our volunteers and creative communities connected and revising the way forward for the Southside Fringe. We will continue to share information on our social media and we will be at our desks intermittently if you do need anything from us at all. We love supporting and promoting the Southside and we truly hope to be back with you soon curating more events!

Big Southside Love and keep staying safe,

Corinna and Meg

Southside Fringe Directors

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