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In amidst the craziness of the world just now, the Southside Fringe has also been impacted by Covid-19. As you may have seen from our last blog post and through our Facebook we have heartbreakingly had to postpone our venue-based Fringe festival, cancel our launch event and temporarily close the doors to On The Fringe.

Currently, we are giving refunds to all event organisers, venue owners and advertisers as we are very aware that everyone is in a tight financial position. We also don't have an income stream from gigs, bookings and other advertising just now due to not being able to programme our venue On The Fringe and not being able to curate our 2020 festival. We still have to pay our bills and our staff and there isn't enough money for us to cover all our costs and support the arts in the Southside.

So, this is where we need your help! We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep our imminent costs covered. We have some awesome merch and tickets to The Big After Party that you can get your hands on exclusively through our crowdfunder.

  • For £10 you can get a #keepitsouth Mug

  • Bag yourself an exclusive ticket to The Big After Party we will be holding in On The Fringe when the world is a bit more normal for only £15 (N.B.Please note that we are unsure of what date this will take place but it will definitely be fun!)

  • For £20 get your hands on our brand new Southside Fringe A3 Map prints designed by the incredibly talented Kaitlin Mechan

  • £30 gets you both a #keepitsouth Mug and Southside Fringe A3 Map Print

  • You can get it all for £50 - #keepitsouth Mug, Southside Fringe A3 Map Print and a ticket to The Big After Party

If you can donate to our crowdfunder we would be so, so grateful. Even a wee share goes a long way and it would mean the absolute world to us. A massive thank you to each and every one of you that have already donated as well.

The Fringe Family are currently focusing our energy on keeping our volunteers and creative communities connected and revising the way forward for the Southside Fringe. We love supporting and promoting the Southside and we truly hope to be back with you soon curating more events!

Big Southside Love and hope everyone is staying safe!

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