Getting Involved at the Southside Fringe Festival

The countdown to the festival looms ever closer, and we know we’re excited! Every day this week we’re working through the amazing programme to find the events that’ll make planning your fringe experience just that much easier.

If hands-on engagement is your jam, then we’ve got the events for you!

Like games? The Southside Games Festival comes with a host of games, with some of the most interesting, fun, and weird and wonderful titles that have been carefully cultivated for gaming experts and novices alike. All the games are family friendly, but sorry kids, it’s 18+ only after 8pm. Not to worry, though, the event will run from 4pm until 11pm, so you still have four hours of free gaming fun before clearing out!

The 'Southside Games Festival' will take place on Thursday the 23rd of May at the Glad Café from 4pm until 11pm (18+ after 8pm).

We’ve got pub quizzes aplenty here at the Southside Fringe Festival, from Quiz Night on a Sunday (at Sweeney’s) where you can join ‘Just Sandy’ for a more traditional vibe, to The Quiz on the Hill on a Monday (at Church on the Hill) for a Goose classic. If you’re looking for something a little more out-there to challenge your mind, however, you could always go along to Bryce’s Pub Quiz on a Tuesday (at Phillies of Shawlands) for ridiculous vibes, or the Smartphone Speed Quiz (at the Granary), where Joanne has a ban on pens and paper.

Lastly but by no means least, if you want to fundraise while you’re answering quickfire questions, you could always book tickets for the Cats Protection Fundraising Pub Quiz at the Rumshack, with Michael Mearns as quizmaster.

With a tombola and great prizes to be won, this is a fantastic way to give to a good cause and have fun at the same time.

Tickets for the 'Cats Protection Fundraising Pub Quiz' cost £6 and can be booked through the Facebook event page HERE or by phoning 0141 638 5110.

Getting the creative juices flowing is something we pride ourselves on here at the Fringe, and these fantastic events are no exception.

First up is the Comic Book Workshop with Amy Tucker, who won the Young Scot Award 2018 (Arts category) for her graphic novel series, ‘Mystery Club’. This fantastic workshop is geared towards encouraging creativity and will last for one hour from 1:30 pm until 2:30 pm, taking place at Cellar Southside.

Suitable for ages 7 through 12, parents or guardians are required to stay for the duration of the workshop, but are welcome to sit separately and have a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Tickets for the 'Comic Book Workshop with Amy Tucker' cost £4.50 and can be booked HERE.

But that’s not all! Studio Pavillion Glasgow is running not two, not three, but four creative workshops, masterclasses, and courses, all of which taking place at Studio Pavillion.

First on offer is their Autism Friendly Art School, focusing on the sensory aspects of art, like colour, texture, and material. Suitable for ages 5-13, this recurring event is designed to allow each and every child to create art at their own pace in a sensory-friendly and inclusive environment.

The 'Autism Friendly Art School' runs from 1pm until 2:30 pm every Saturday for four weeks, starting on the 11th of May. Tickets cost £40 and can be purchased from HERE.

Secondly is the Mono-Printing Masterclass, with participant-guided projects and an experimental approach to analogue mono-printing. Skill level and previous knowledge are no barrier at this studio-based class, so even if you’ve never heard of mono-printing, it’s worth trying out!

The 'Mono-Printing Masterclass' will take place on Sunday the 12th of May, from 10am until 4pm. Tickets cost £50 and can be purchased from HERE.

The third creative event at Studio Pavillion is their Beginners Screen-Printing class. This is a six-week course suitable for both beginners and refreshers over the age of 14, and will teach creative skills like stencil-creation, how to mix printing ink, and how to troubleshoot your screen-printing woes.

The 'Beginners Screen-Printing' class runs from 6pm until 8:30 pm every Thursday for six weeks, starting on the 16th of May. Block booking is required and tickets cost £110 - they can be booked from HERE.

The fourth and final Studio Pavillion creative event at the Southside Fringe Festival is a real doozy: Upcycle Clothing with Screen-printed Designs. It can be disheartening to feel like you’re throwing clothes and bags away that you could change up and make new again. Why not try out some upcycling by bringing along tired items of clothing or bags? This workshop aims to explore sustainability in fashion and allow participants to apply creativity to clothing and bags through the use of screen-printing.

'Upcycle Clothing with Screen-printed Designs' is suitable for both adults and kids, and will run from 10am until 3pm on Sunday the 19th of May. Tickets cost £40 and can be purchased from HERE.

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is one of the most important things you can do, so here’s what’s on in health and wellbeing!

On the Sunday of opening weekend (the 12th of May) is the unmissable opportunity known as Spring Retreat, taking place between 2pm and 4:30 pm at Finn’s Place. Look forward to an afternoon full of relaxation and revitalisation, with tai-chi, breathing, meditation, and yoga. The perfect way to round off a busy week.

Tickets for Spring Retreat cost £20 and should be booked in advance by either contacting or phoning 0141 632 7520.

Meditation is fast becoming a mainstream pursuit, but with this growing awareness comes the sense that all meditation is created equal. Come along to Transcendental Meditation - What’s the Difference! on Wednesday the 15th of May from 7pm until 8:30 pm at the Bungo-Lo to find out how Transcendental Meditation works and differs from other meditation techniques.

And if you missed that or want to know more about Transcendental Meditation, Transcendental Meditation Glasgow is running another event at the Bungo-Lo a week later, on Wednesday the 22nd (7pm until 8:30 pm)! Emotional Health through Transcendental Meditation (TM) will show you just why TM is so effective for emotional regulation in a world that’s getting busier by the day.

Both Transcendental Meditation Glasgow events are free to attend. Places for 'Transcendental Meditation - What’s the Difference!', taking place on Wednesday the 15th, can be booked HERE. Places for 'Emotional Health Through Transcendental Meditation (TM)', taking place on Wednesday the 22nd, can be booked HERE.


Well, folks, that's it for today’s event round-up! Check out the full programme for a breakdown of events by day, and keep an eye out for more posts on our blog this week for highlights from each category of events.

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