Introducing... Plugged In & Wired

We’ve hit the ground running introducing our acts for our new virtual festival Plugged In & Wired, with much appreciated press coverage from the Glasgow Times, Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra and an early morning chat for festival founding director Corinna on the Go Radio, Crofty and Grado Breakfast Show this morning. ALL will be released on March 26th but over the next few weeks we’ll be blogging to let you know more about our Plugged In & Wired acts. It’s so important to us to provide a platform for so many talented individuals who have lost work, and at times hope, through the pandemic. Festivals like ours are a lifeline to performers and artists, please hit up their tip jars where linked and help support these amazing individuals. Enjoy today’s selection… Stay tuned!


Francesca Lacey's piece 'Happy Depressive' is both thought provoking and powerful. Francesca creates work based on my experience of life; using autobiography as a tool she draws on questions and observations which she encounters with the intension to subvert the larger questions of life and our existence to even the most common place occurrences. utilising a stripped back aesthetic, she develops these into highly visual and textual pieces. As an artist, Francesca believes in having more than one voice, more than one perspective on a subject- in participatory actions and engagement. Her work often brings together people from different walks of life to offer their creative response to a subject matter, drawing from their lived experience, hearing their voices as expert and equal. She collects these fragments, and crafts them together to create one concise piece that illuminates the thoughts we all have, connecting us through our human experiences of the world.



Rach Leonard and Lawrence Tucker are founding members of the dark comedy sketch troupe, Hot Death Theatre. Though relatively young, Hot Death Theatre have been active through the pandemic, producing character-driven sketch comedy with a particular emphasis on high production value and quality writing, including, most notably, an hour long sitcom pilot entitled 'The Untold Story of the Hunkypunks' – a mockumentary style pastiche of overly quaint BBC4 programming, which details the bizarre, often very bleak history of pettiness, back-biting and in -fighting among the members of the fictional folk band, The Hunkypunks – Somerset's most influential proto-folk-rock collective circa 1978-1983. In addition to The Hunkypunks, Rach and Lawrence have, either as a pair, as part of Hot Death Theatre, or individually been featured on numerous (reasonably...) high profile shows, both on and off-line, including The Stand's curated Red Raw livestream, Rotunda Comedy Club's Drive In events, Panopticon Theatre and numerous (albeit substantially less impressive) online comedy events. In the future, Hot Death Theatre plan – as soon as lockdown travel restrictions ease – to begin work on multiple short films, additional sitcom pilots and, if they can be bothered, world domination.