#LoveTrainUkraine Hits the Road

We're supporting Sussex Peace Corps in their #LoveTrainUkraine campaign. Ideally situated for European transport hubs in the South East of England, they're organising vans and headed over to the Polish/Ukranian border with medical aid and non-perishable supplies. This collective of creatives and caring folks have long-standing ties with the arts scene in Glasgow. Our comrades in the deep, deep South need EVERYONE'S help NOW. You can donate here


Sussex Peace Corps is a collective mobilised by Sussex based creative Jon Spong, to respond to the need for drivers and vans to take essential medical supplies and aid to the Polish/Ukrainian border in support of the Ukrainian resistance against the brutal Russian invasion. This ad hoc collective has been compelled into action through compassion and is based in South East England with a network of volunteers feeding in from across the UK. A fundraising campaign has been launched and donations are desperately needed to cover the costs involved in taking vans across Europe. You can donate here. Your donations will only be used for aid and delivery. All the drivers will be covering their own expenses and giving their time free.

With an astounding £2000 raised in the first weekend of the campaign, two vans left for Europe on Sunday 20 March and it is hoped that a minimum of £10,000 is raised to enable a further 6 vans to make the trip over the coming weeks and possibly months. Loaded with non-perishable food and medical supplies, the aid will be handed over to a trusted Ukrainian driver at the Polish/Ukrainian border who can guarantee that this aid will be delivered directly to where it is most urgently needed in Kyiv. A comprehensive social media campaign is being established and supporters can follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok

Jon speaks of his motivations for action “Less than a week ago I saw a news report of two 18 year old men, boys really, taking off their civilian clothes and putting on military uniforms. With only a few hours of basic training they are now on the streets of Kyiv placing their bodies and their lives in the way of the oncoming attack from Russian troops. They were 18 years old, the same age as my son Levi. At that point I knew that just being upset and outraged wasn't enough so I came up with an idea.”

Jon’s idea is very simple, there is a desperate humanitarian crisis occurring on our doorstep. With access aid and medical supplies available in the UK, Jon identified a need in the shortage of willing drivers and vans to deliver it to where it is desperately needed in the border areas of Poland and Ukraine.

Within a couple of hours of sharing his thoughts with a few friends and old industry contacts, he was contacted by James Stringfellow, owner of Brighton Electric Recording Studio. James offered not only to volunteer as a van driver but also to help coordinate the project and raise funding. Jim and Jon have shared many adventures together. This one though is altogether more serious.

Industry connections as far afield as Glasgow have been engaged with founder of Southside Fringe Festival Corinna Currie, voluntarily taking the helm on the digital campaign and social media side of things. More connections and support networks are hastily underway to ensure both the success of the trips and fundraising campaign.

Jon further stated “Donations are literally the lifeblood of the people who this aid is being delivered to. Not just the refugees but also those brave enough to have remained to fight and those unable to make the hard journey out. Bless their souls, help us to help them. I would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Euro Self Drive van hire in Eastbourne. At a time when other van hire companies wanted to levy an extra £1000 on top of their standard hire charge on finding out I was going to Poland, these guys did the opposite and gave me a substantial discount. Amazing.”

You can donate here


Project Lead/Driver: Jon Spong sussexpeacecorpmedia@gmail.com

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