Meet Our Plugged In & Wired Hosts

You've met all our outstanding Plugged In & Wired acts, now it's time to introduce you to our hard working programme hosts. Last year, we were delighted to invite this skilled group of individuals from our local creative communities on board to help with the process of selecting acts for the virtual festival. It was a really difficult task for our hosts as the submissions way over subscribed the funds we had available for performer fees and filming support. We think they've done a sterling job. Our hosts introduce each act in their category in the online shows and you can read more about them in this blog. With thanks to our wonderful programme hosts .. Cabaret - The Creative Martyrs, Comedy - Bruce Morton, Literature - Shirley Whiteside, Music - Jamie & Simon @ The Ice Box Arts & Music Centre and Spoken Word - Angela Legg


Since first appearing in 1883, The Creative Martyrs have been performing cabaret songs and satirical shenanigans in music halls, circus, travelling shows and public houses all over the known and lesser-known world. A good while ago, in the before times, they performed in many a Southside Fringe, it has been fantoosh.

And now? Peripatetic pixilation permits plugged-in pandemic performance. Gustav and Jakob feel that Plugged In & Wired continues to connect the Southside community, which is meaningful in these hard times. It’s also meaningful for them to be part of a collective endeavour that reminds people of the creativity in the Southern Side of the city.

When asked about the quality of submissions and any acts they’d like to highlight, the esoteric gents told us “After peer-reviewing our peers we conclude that the quality of the submissions is very high – all are effulgent stars in an online orrery of cabaret constellations. Our personal highlight is a very tall lamp.

As for the successful submissions we have no favourites – see them all!”. Ladies and gentleman and otherwise ascribed, when life comes back, look out for The Creative Martyrs and they tell us to look out for their bum notes.. bum ..bum.. bum… bum!