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You've met all our outstanding Plugged In & Wired acts, now it's time to introduce you to our hard working programme hosts. Last year, we were delighted to invite this skilled group of individuals from our local creative communities on board to help with the process of selecting acts for the virtual festival. It was a really difficult task for our hosts as the submissions way over subscribed the funds we had available for performer fees and filming support. We think they've done a sterling job. Our hosts introduce each act in their category in the online shows and you can read more about them in this blog. With thanks to our wonderful programme hosts .. Cabaret - The Creative Martyrs, Comedy - Bruce Morton, Literature - Shirley Whiteside, Music - Jamie & Simon @ The Ice Box Arts & Music Centre and Spoken Word - Angela Legg



Since first appearing in 1883, The Creative Martyrs have been performing cabaret songs and satirical shenanigans in music halls, circus, travelling shows and public houses all over the known and lesser-known world. A good while ago, in the before times, they performed in many a Southside Fringe, it has been fantoosh.

And now? Peripatetic pixilation permits plugged-in pandemic performance. Gustav and Jakob feel that Plugged In & Wired continues to connect the Southside community, which is meaningful in these hard times. It’s also meaningful for them to be part of a collective endeavour that reminds people of the creativity in the Southern Side of the city.

When asked about the quality of submissions and any acts they’d like to highlight, the esoteric gents told us “After peer-reviewing our peers we conclude that the quality of the submissions is very high – all are effulgent stars in an online orrery of cabaret constellations. Our personal highlight is a very tall lamp.

As for the successful submissions we have no favourites – see them all!”. Ladies and gentleman and otherwise ascribed, when life comes back, look out for The Creative Martyrs and they tell us to look out for their bum notes.. bum ..bum.. bum… bum!



Bruce Morton is a well loved Glaswegian comedian who has been involved in comedy since 1989. Bruce is well seasoned in live performance, TV, radio, the press and online content. Over the years he has toured, written for others, set up gigs and played shows nationally and internationally.

Bruce is one of the founders of the Fringe. Bruce has been involved from day one as a part of a proactive group of creatives who felt stimulating and creating performance opportunities was what the Southside lacked many years ago. Esteemed leader of the Greater Shawlands Republic, Bruce booked performers and worked to present and highlight aspects of the cool stuff getting generated around the Southside.

Bruce told us “I am flattered to be involved with Plugged in & Wired: helping, as it does, to encourage talent by giving that talent a platform and a showcase. It is a significant project given the absence of live show opportunities amid the pandemic days and, moreover, one which I think will endure in the better days to come as an adjunct, companion and extension to traditional live shows”.

In hosting and scoring the comedy category Bruce was really impressed by the range of styles and comedy flavours which Plugged In & Wired presents and he’s looking forward to seeing more from all who submitted and all the folk who will get involved in the years to come.



Hosting our food and drink category are Mark and Emma aka Foodie Explorers. Blogging since 2007 they not only know their way around good and bad dishes, but they love their grub and our city. Originally known as Food & Drink Glasgow they re-branded to Foodie Explorers in 2016 as they were covering much more than just food and drink in Glasgow! Not content with eating and drinking their way around the Southside and our city, they also like to spread their wings and review food, drink and where to stay worldwide. Organisers of our beloved flagship food and drink event Pastaval, this year we're keeping it covid safe and pandemic proof and Foodie Explorers have highlighted what's hot on the Southside and places you should definitely visit as the Southside wakes up again over this Spring and Summer. You can read the full food and drink feature in our online programme coming out on the 26th March and our next blog 'Focus on Food & Drink' on Sunday the 28th March. And.....If you know somewhere they should visit, give them a shout at



Shirley Whiteside has been reviewing books for several years and has produced/presented her radio show Booked on Pulse 98.4 since 2016. Shirley also produces Southside Stories, an evening of readings from local authors and over the years she has attracted and engaged a number of fantastic authors to the Southside Fringe programme. Shirley also provides manuscript critiques for fiction projects.

Shirley said “Plugged in & Wired is a fantastic way to showcase local talent during these strange times. It is an example of how the Southside Fringe brings the local community together and provides amazing entertainment for the Southside and beyond. I love the welcoming family feel of the Southside Fringe and am always delighted to be involved in events like Plugged in and Wired.” This year’s literary category has a wonderful selection of writers, with films for all ages and literary tastes.

Shirley’s highlights range from the zany children’s writer Stuart Reid to a glimpse of Spanish sunshine with Morgan Cry. Shirley hopes that you will enjoy hearing from the authors and discover some new books for your TBR pile. Prepare to be entertained!



Veterans of the grass root music scene in Glasgow and founders of The New Hellfire Club, Jamie McDermid and Simon ‘The Hair’ Sinclair run our partner venue, The Icebox Arts And Music Centre in the Gorbals. They have been operating as a DIY grassroots music and arts venue with a not for profit music shop at the front. Jamie and Simon recently squeezed Glasgow’s largest vintage and pre--owned not for profit clothes shop under their roof too. The Icebox really is a building you can spend hours in, once we are allowed back out again!

On being involved as category hosts, our filming location and partners in Plugged In & Wired, Jamie told us “It’s great to be a partner venue! You guys have given us a much needed taste of what to look forward to again in the coming months. It’s no surprise that we started booking acts again from July onward right after working with you. It was great to have live music on in the place again. A stage needs music, it was getting us down having it being so quiet for so long.” The festival means a lot to the venue and the larger music and creative community providing a welcome escape from the drudgery of the past year and reminds all that there is an absolutely fantastic local music and arts scene out there to fall in love with all over again as soon as we can all get back out to venues. A shared experience that’s missing from a lot of our lives right now and The Icebox can’t wait to start bringing it back for people.

Jamie and Simon can be quite critical sometimes as venue owners but were happy to say they felt the quality was high! They find it difficult to choose personal highlights from filming a cracking weekend of music and scoring the filmed entries. Jamie said “It was all great… but since you are twisting our arms I will say that there are some specific treats in store for you from The Ice Box sets such as Rebecca Wallace, Andrea, Cloud of Starlings and Asthmatic Harp!” They also highlight Anna Secrette Poet, Black Star Jackals and look out for 10pencemixup for a wee treat too!



Angela Legg also goes by the stage moniker Miss A Legg, she’s a performer and event organiser. Angela is also a part of the Southside Fringe advisory team. She’s performed at events including Spangled Cabaret, Express Yourself, She Grrrowls and Sonnet Youth. Angela’s solo performances tend to feature a blend of amazing alliteration, ridiculous rhyming, silly singing, preposterous props and dazzling dancing (often with donuts). A busy lady, Angela has recently been organising comedy events and co-hosting them as half of The Daft Duo. Being part of Plugged In & Wired has given Angela the perfect outlet for her creativity during lockdown.

Hosting the spoken word section has allowed her to connect with other creatives and gain insight into the inner workings of the festival, which she has found to be wonderful. It has created a feeling of connection despite the distance. Angela thinks it is really important to continue showcasing local talent and provide entertainment for the community! On being involved as a host, Angela told us “The submissions were of a very high standard and I felt so excited and privileged to be able to be amongst the first people to read applications and watch video submissions. It can be a really strange process for performers who are used to having an audience in front of them and I am so proud of the spoken word acts for embracing this new way of performing.

The acts bring an exciting variety of styles and content. Ranging from exploring experiences of lockdown to a ghost story set in Glasgow. I believe there will be something in there to suit everyone's tastes!”. Angela is delighted to be so involved with the festival; she has a couple of poems included within the spoken word category ‘My Obsession Confession’ and ‘In A Box’ and she’s also performing a brand new piece for the cabaret section ‘She’s Having a Moment’ and we love that Angela is in the comedy category too as part of her comedy collaboration The Daft Duo with ‘A Driving Lesson’!


Our next blog on Sunday 28th March is focusing on food & drink on the Southside.... Don't miss out!

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