We are delighted to have Emma and Mark over at Foodie Explorers , organisers of the beloved Pastaval, on board as a part of our Plugged In & Wired virtual festival.

They're this Sunday's guest bloggers and with a Focus on Food, let us know what's hot and where to look out for on the Southside culinary scene. We hope you enjoy....


The Southside Fringe might not have Pastaval this year, more on that later, but we can celebrate the best of Southside Glasgow’s food & drink scene and talent by supporting local businesses who have kept going through these crazy times and by participating in internet events, whether that be, Facebook or Zoom or some other means.

We have our cocktail shaker at the ready to join Andy Mundy. Andy’s cocktail making skills will be on display with an online video showing that you too can make fantastic cocktails at home, without being overly complex, time-consuming or expensive. Learn how to bring out the flavours from spirits and dazzle your friends (when we are allowed to have get-togethers again) and Southside BBQs will rock to the sounds of cocktail shakers this year.

It can never be said that the past year hasn’t been a struggle for everyone, however, Southside businesses have risen above and beyond to keep us fed and watered. Shout outs to Cafe Strangebrew, Toro, Deanston Bakery and Big Bear for almost making lockdown bearable (pun intended!) with tasty treats, fabulous coffee and the best banter. Pizza seems to have taken over Glasgow the way hamburgers did a few years ago. Canotto in Cathcart has introduced Detroit-style slices to the city, that is rectangular with a thick, crisp and chewy crust. More pizzas can be found with Crossmyloof Bakery Pizzaria at The Glad Cafe at weekends and venturing South from North Glasgow are Rockville who have settled into Clockwork

New openings also include Babos and their astounding toasties - who knew a toastie could be made so luxurious? Okome have expanded Southside bringing fresh sushi, takoyaki and bibimbap bowls. If there’s one thing we seem to have learned in the past year is how to eat more!

Sadly Pastaval has been missing from the Southside social calendar and hopefully, with things loosening up Foodie Explorers will be able to bring it back for 2022. Remember to check on for any information about Pastaval (and food, drink and travel in general). We are happy to report that Langside Cafe is still the best place for Mac & Cheese in these parts, but if you disagree and can’t wait till 2022, feel free to carry out your own personal Pastaval by visiting all the Southside cafes and restaurants with mac and cheese and rating them accordingly!

The Southside has come together this past year, supporting local business and the local community, lets keep it going and Keep it South!


Plugged In & Wired, our first virtual festival, is well underway with tonight's programme and more to come on the 2nd & 3rd April. You can download the full programme here for premiere streaming times, with all being online to watch at your leisure thereafter...

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