Plugged In & Wired - Meet The Acts 2

Updated: Mar 3

What a week it’s been! From filming the last of our Plugged In & Wired acts at The Ice Box Arts & Music Centre last weekend, to a press flurry this week, including this ace article from The List. This week and the reactions to our festival announcements have shown us how, more than ever, the arts are so desperately missed. We hope to fill some of that gouch with top quality acts beamed straight in to your homes from the 26th of March. In the meantime meet some more of our quality acts, with some tantalising headliners coming your way too! Don’t forget to tip the acts when you can.


Presenting Southside Story & Sun Don’t Shine , Alasdair Fergsuon, aka Night Editor graduated from the SAE Institute last year with a BA Hons in Digital Filmmaking. His final project was a poetic film about the south side of Glasgow called Southside Story. He filmed and edited shops, people, wildlife and so forth and composed an original score for the film. Since Lockdown he’s produced three singles for people, he had studied music production, too. Alasdair also composed some new songs, one of which Sund Don’t Shine, you can see in March. Following Covid practice he even filmed music videos for the songs. This seemed a welcome diversion from the lockdown. He was also comissioned to make a short film A Journey Around My Tenement, which was three different stories set in a tenement. The aim was to put the film online on the dates that the Fringe would have been on. At nearly an hour, it was the most ambitious film he’s made so far. Alasdair has also been working on a short film Conceal which has had good critical reviews, he hopes to submit that to the Southside Film Festival. But it's mainly music he’s been working on during lockdown. Either composing or working with artistes on their own tracks, adding orchestration and producing.