Taking you through a journey in time and space, ‘cos we can do that in this virtual era, along the way we’re going to meet some more of the superb acts lined up for Plugged In & Wired for release on the 26th March. On this Southside Sunday meet spoken word artists Toni Seaward and we’ll be introducing some of those juicy headliners you’re dying to meet including Bemz, Eliott Simpson, Laurie Black, Scunner and Tales from Battlefield. So strap in cybernauts and prepare yourself for this skilled stellar Southside line up. And a wee reminder that the arts are really struggling, if you can and where linked please support our artists and buy their merch, their books or support through their socials. Go on show some Southside love…


Come on a poetic journey with Toni Seaward, in her show Platitudes, she looks at life, love and lockdown from 2020 and beyond. We have seen words play a central role in our online, zoom oriented lives and communication becoming more important than ever in our socially distanced world. Moving from physical to verbal words take on new meanings all while our politicians give speech after speech every day. But what did this mean for you, for us? Do these words ring true or are they just platitudes? Toni Seaward is a writer, poet and spoken word artist based in the Southside of Glasgow. Her works are observational and reactive and usually interwoven with a strong sense of motherhood and the female condition. Toni has always been interested in how we connect to each other and the world around us on an emotional level and I use my poetry to try and make sense of these emotional connections on a personal and universal level. Toni has performed at various events as well as radio, festivals and podcasts as well as having some published works and organising multidisciplinary events and she always looks forward to being involved in events in her local area.


Bemz - Saint of Lost Causes, Bemz speaks his truth. In Glasgow, Bemz is one of several artists helping to establish Scotland as a bona fide hotbed for Black music, while also proving that rap’s cultural reach stretches way beyond London. Having first fallen in love with music through the usual childhood influences and inspirations, Bemz began experimenting with making his own sounds, primarily as a medium of self-expression. Art and poetry were the precursors to his introduction to rap, before blossoming into a lifelong dedication with the artform itself. He delivers a very raw, emotionally charged view of life, which never falls into the cliched trappings that often come with that territory; truth is his asset. His music is a form of therapy, so everything spoken about in his EP and also in the media has been in relation to a situation he has experienced first-hand. Bemz’ sound is unique, and he dabbles in and out of different styes of rapping such as old school hip hop to drill to grime. His diversity is what makes him stand out. Since the EP has been released, Jubemi has organically developed a team consisting of a management duo and social media content creator. Kobi Onyame makes up part of the management team which is beneficial for showing Jubemi the ropes of the industry to some extent due to his admirable success in the industry as a musician himself. The rest of the team consist of two students who study Music Business at college. They aim to lift and help each other which creates a well-oiled machine. Before the team formed; Jubemis’ success came from himself and he has triumphed by surrounding himself with the right creators (producers, other rappers and likeminded creatives).