Plugged In & Wired is getting closer, two weeks tomorrow, March the 26th and we begin beaming a bounty of entertainment in to your homes. In this Thursday’s blog we introduce you to more of our sumptuous acts. Learn how to make cocktails From Home, meet comedian Bryce Drennan, musicians and songwriters Barry Noakes and Nicky Murray, actress Anne-Marie Feeney, author Lindsay Littleson and La Divina Lisette Boxman.

As ever we’re encouraging you, our lovely readers to help support local creatives, if you can. Its been a tough old year for us all and especially for our Southside creatives who have lost work due to the pandemic. Dig deep or throw in a few coppers where tip jars or merch are linked in. If you’d like to support our festival, we always welcome donations too, hit us up here. Thank you!


Ever wondered how to make simple yet tasty cocktails at home; Andy Mundy can show you they don't have to be complex, they don't have to be time-consuming, and they don't have to break the bank! Andy makes Home Cocktails: Simple & Effective. At the start of lockdown in April last year, Andy was asked by his work (Eden Mill) to run a series of virtual cocktail classes over zoom. This sparked a real interest in mixology, fuelling him to consistently expand his repertoire and utilise a real variety of ingredients. As well as becoming known in close circles for his tasty recipes, he’s also taken pride in his ability to present his cocktail making to others, in a way that allows them to replicate his methods over video calls, and build their confidence with shaker in hand! Andy feels this is crucially important at a time when physical masterclasses aren't possible. His recipes are comparatively simple, but he adds his own unique twists to balance out any rough edges; add more depth and bring out the most important flavours from the spirits. You can watch Andy present three cocktail recipes from start to finish, and give a snapshot of what youcan do too!


In From Killie to Phillies Bryce Drennan uses stories from growing up in the deepest, darkest depths of Kilmarnock, his hapless love life and his experiences of serving the people of Shawlands their fill of booze to lull the audience into a false sense of security with a slow and deliberate delivery that gradually reveals a wryly dark wit. His very unique perspective on the day to day goings on in the Southside will have the audience not only laughing but wondering if it is them he is talking about.

Bryce is a stand up comedian, pub quiz host and radio presenter, he also works in Phillies of Shawlands and has a great grasp of the community spirit that makes the Southside of Glasgow so special. He’s appeared at the Stand Glasgow along with some of the best comedy nights on the Scottish circuit and organised the first comedy night ever at Phillies of Shawlands as part of the Southside Fringe’s program in 2019. His style of comedy is very dry, much like his personality! As well as Stand up Bruce hosts comedy based pub quizzes across Glasgow, with Tuesday nights at Phillies being the weekly main event for the pub quiz lover. He likes to bring a non conventional philosophy to these nights and has a very relaxed approach to factual accuracy and prefer a more nonsense based method of quiz delivery. His latest venture is a radio show called "Cauld Tatties" on Radio Buena Vida, broadcasting live from the window of Some Great Reward record store on Victoria road. The show is bi-weekly and celebrates the food heroes of the Southside. Guests come on the show and pick 4 tracks they associate with food and tell the stories behind them. He has also put his own comedic spin on things, all the episodes so far are available to listen back to on the Radio Buena Vida Soundcloud page.