Plugged In & Wired - Spotlight On 'Four Blokes'

We were lucky enough to catch an exclusive interview with 'Morgan Cry', aka Gordon Brown, who in addition to being a well loved Tartan Noir writer of crime fiction, he is also the ring leader of 'Four Blokes In Search Of A Plot'. Featured as headliners in our 2021 Plugged In & Wired festival we were curious to know more about the Tea Cosy of Inspiration and this hilarious live show...

Enjoy the article and you can catch the Plugged In & Wired edition of 'Four Blokes In Search of a Southside Plot' here


Southside Fringe (SSF) - So what is 'Four Blokes in Search Of A Plot'?

Gordon Brown (GB) - Well you take four crime writers, who happen to be blokes. You place them on a stage (or online), ask the audience to furnish them with a main character and a murder weapon. Then step back as they take it in turns to create a crime story before your very eyes while also answering questions on everything from their writing to their favourite piece of clothing.


SSF - Can you tell us a bit more about each author involved?

Neil Broadfoot - Neil Broadfoot worked as a journalist for 15 years at both national and local newspapers, including The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and the Evening News. His fourth book, No Man’s Land was longlisted for the 2019 McIlvanney Prize. His sixth, Point of No Return, published by Constable is out now.

Gordon Brown (Morgan Cry) -Gordon has eight crime and thriller books published to date, along with a number of short stories. His latest novel, ‘Thirty-One Bones’, published by Polygon and written under the name Morgan Cry, is set in Spain and is the first in the Daniella Coulstoun series. Gordon also helped found Bloody Scotland.

Douglas Skelton -Douglas has been a newspaper editor, journalist, an investigator for Glasgow solicitors, bank clerk, civil servant and shelf stacker . He has written 23 books and his first book in the Rebecca Connolly series, ‘Thunder Bay’ was also long listed for the McIlvanney Prize 2019 - and the third in the series, ‘The Rattle of Bones’, is out in August.


SSF - Can you tell us more about the role of the Sacred Tea Cosy of Inspiration (TCOI) and how that aspect of the show came about?

GB - Before Four Blokes existed, we were all asked by Laura Jones, who was working with Scotlit, to appear in what could be called a ‘proto Four Blokes’ online. While one of us typed our bit of the story the others had to wait their turn and being blokes, got bored. So every time the author stopped typing he would look up to discover that the other three wearing something wild on their head. In tribute to this the first time we staged Four Blokes the custom for wearing the TCOI while writing was born.


SSF - What’s the most ridiculous murderer and weapon suggestions you’ve received from audience members?

GB - Where do we start? We’ve had Rabbie Burns and a kite. A knight of the realm and a sportsman’s corset. William Shakespeare and a quill and in Spain we were challenged with Dick Pinto and a boomerang. For the Southside Fringe we wrote a story about Imelda Marcos and her poisoned ice cube.


SSF - What would be the dream location, venue or set up for a ‘Four Blokes’ show?

Neil Broadfoot – Anywhere Douglas Skelton is not! (Seriously, anywhere warm and sunny and I can have a drink and a meal with my mates)

Gordon Brown (Morgan Cry) – The International Space Station – but only when they’ve installed a bar.

Mark Leggat – The ladies’ changing room at the Folies Bergère.

Douglas Skelton - I'd love to do the show where the living is hot but the drinks are cool. Somewhere glamorous and exotic. Cessnock, maybe.


And finally ....

SSF - What does participating in Southside Fringe’s, Plugged In & Wired virtual festival mean to you personally as a creative and to the Four Blokes as a show?

Gordon Brown - It’s such a great opportunity to be part of a festival that is pulling out all the stops to entertain, despite Covid. The diversity of the festival is exactly what people need at the moment and we are grateful for the chance to be part of something so eclectic and exciting.


We've loved having 'Four Blokes' and Morgan Cry as headliners of our Plugged In & Wired literary programme. Don't forget to catch up on the show here and you can catch up on all the Plugged In & Wired shows on our YouTube Channel

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