Plugged In & Wired - Spotlight On 'Four Blokes'

We were lucky enough to catch an exclusive interview with 'Morgan Cry', aka Gordon Brown, who in addition to being a well loved Tartan Noir writer of crime fiction, he is also the ring leader of 'Four Blokes In Search Of A Plot'. Featured as headliners in our 2021 Plugged In & Wired festival we were curious to know more about the Tea Cosy of Inspiration and this hilarious live show...

Enjoy the article and you can catch the Plugged In & Wired edition of 'Four Blokes In Search of a Southside Plot' here

Southside Fringe (SSF) - So what is 'Four Blokes in Search Of A Plot'?

Gordon Brown (GB) - Well you take four crime writers, who happen to be blokes. You place them on a stage (or online), ask the audience to furnish them with a main character and a murder weapon. Then step back as they take it in turns to create a crime story before your very eyes while also answering questions on everything from their writing to their favourite piece of clothing.

SSF - Can you tell us a bit more about each author involved?

Neil Broadfoot -