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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We hear there's a hot alternative comedy extravaganza y'all should know about called Alternative Interviews. It's produced and hosted by the wonderfully quirky Daft Duo. We huckled Angela Legg, one half of the Daft Duo in to an interview with us to tell us more. In this week's blog Angela chats about the upcoming show, what it means to be a Southsider, a volunteer with Southside Fringe and 'Bubble Therapy'.... The next 'Alternative Interviews' show is on Zoom on Thursday the 29th of April and you can get your free tickets here. Read on to discover more about the Daft Duo and why you should tune in to their fiercely inclusive Alternative Interviews on Thursday.


Southside Fringe (SSF) - Who are The Daft Duo?

Angela Legg (AL) - We’re a comedy partnership consisting of Sara Palomarr and myself! We’ve been friends since we met in 2011, at Roehampton University, London, where we were both studying Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. We’re both performers ourselves and we love performances that think outside the box and bring something a little alternative to a stage.


SSF - Tell us more about ‘The Daft Duo's Zoom Comedy Eve’ what should viewers expect?

AL - On the last Thursday of each month we run an alternative comedy extravaganza over zoom called Alternative Interviews! Doors open at 7.45pm and the show runs 8pm-9pm. Each event is themed around a single question, which acts respond to in whichever way their creativity takes them. We hope that this encourages acts to generate new material while also providing a supportive platform for them to share new work. We’re also a fiercely inclusive platform and as such we’re committed to increasing diversity in comedy. We want to prioritise performers from currently underrepresented identities and backgrounds. Sara started these events last May and then this year we decided to join forces. We now share hosting responsibilities, and on the organisation side… well, let’s just say that Sara is more of the creative brain in the Duo! Also... Bubble Therapy! We encourage our audience to blow bubbles as an alternative way to express their joy, and it works so well over zoom.


SSF - What inspired the ‘Alternative Interviews’ and who do you hope to attract?

AL - We want to take the standard ‘interview’ format and make it much more fun and creative by flipping the concept on its head. In contrast to a standard interview format we ask only one question to our performers - that’s the first alternative. Another is the fact that we encourage alternative performance styles - as long as it’s funny, we don’t mind!


SSF - OK so on that note, what is the one question and who will be answering it in this months Alternative Interviews?

AL - This month's question is How would you describe your dream job? Can it be compared to the one you have now? We have an exceptional line up booked this month. Joining us are; Roisin Kenny, Natasha Kiskov Moller, Becca Bain, Sarah Grant and Little Strings. You can find out more about each performer below...


SSF - How can creatives get involved with 'Alternative Interviews'?

AL - We’re on the lookout for acts, ads and a tech wizard for our May, June and July events.

Acts can fill in an expression of interest here. Anyone interested in promoting a creative project in a one minute advert can get in touch and we'd love to enlist tech wizards to assist us with the zoom room life, both can email us at:


SSF - How can we watch? Is it free or ticketed?

AL - Both! The event is free but we request people register on eventbrite so that we can maintain a safe space for everyone. On the night there will be an option for the audience to donate and any money raised will be shared between the team and acts involved. You can get your tickets here.


SSF- We love that you volunteer with us at Southside Fringe. Do you think volunteering helps with your own professional practise? And if so how?

AL- Yes! Both projects greatly complement each other as a means to both keep my own creative brain going and to also network with other creatives. Being able to do both also increases my understanding of the mechanics of event production.


SSF - Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the Daft Duo, your comedy eve or Alternative Interviews?

We also make videos! Our most recent one was for the brilliant Plugged In & Wired. We have lots more exciting video projects in the pipeline. You can watch all our videos so far in this YouTube playlist. Find all our links in our linktree if you wanna keep up to date with what we’re up to.


SSF - Bonus Q – what does being a Southsider mean to you?

AL - It means that I have easy access to a large network of creatives from different backgrounds and perspectives. The Southside is such a vibrant and welcoming place!


Thanks to Angela for an ace interview and don't forget to tune in to 'Alternative Interviews' on Thursday the 29th of April at 8pm...

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