5 Places for Veggie Breakfast in the Southside

If there’s one thing the Southside does well it’s serving up some awesome breakfast and brunch. Being a breakfast enthusiast, this was something I was thrilled to find out when moving to the Southside last summer. Both me and my partner are vegetarian and we’re spoilt for choice when going out for our favourite meal of the day. There are simply too many good places to list so here’s just 5 of them:

The Bungo

Across the road from Potluck, Strathbungo really is spoiled for choice for fantastic breakfasts. While The Bungo might be better known for it’s evening meals, bar, and events, it also puts on a fab breakfast. It feels like the classiest place out of these 5, and specialises in Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, so would be a great place for a celebratory brunch for a special occasion.

I, of course, had the Bungo Veggie Breakfast, which comes with halloumi (the vegetarian answer to bacon) haggis sausage and homemade Mexican beans. The Lebanese breakfast, like breakfast curry, was also amazing if you fancy something a little unusual.

The Glad Cafe

This is an all round favourite in the heart of Shawlands. A fantastic venue, bar, cafe, restaurant, and of course breakfast place, which is a non-profit Social Enterprise. They support their sister charity, The Glad Foundation, which runs free and affordable music workshops for local people. So getting a breakfast out is actually supporting a charity, it would be rude not to!

Their completely vegetarian breakfast menu is made by Hen of the Woods, the team behind the brilliant Asian inspired menu at The Hug & Pint in the West End, and it does not disappoint. I had the Big Vegan Fry up, which features an Asian influence on the traditional Scottish Breakfast, and I have honestly never been so excited about mushrooms (try it and see what I mean!) The chilli and yoghurt poached eggs is again also an amazing option for the more adventurous breakfasters among us.

Cafe Strange Brew

If you’ve walked along Kilmarnock Road on a weekend, you’ve probably seen the steamed up windows of a very busy Cafe Strange Brew. They were ranked number 1 out of all the restaurants in Glasgow on Tripadvisor last year and are a finalist for Best Cafe in the Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards this month. They definitely live up to the hype.

Their menu is full of breakfast staples with plenty of veggie options, and an artisan twist so you know you’ll be getting something pretty special whatever you order. I had a classic Avocado Toast Benedict but swapped my avo for asparagus, which they were happy to accommodate, and it was definitely no ordinary eggs on toast.

Grain & Grind

There’s no excuse to miss out on the fantastic coffee and guest bakes now that Grain & Grind have 2 beautiful spaces, one in Strathbungo and the other in Battlefield. Both cafes have an open and airy aesthetic (perfect for those of us who like to Instagram our breakfasts)

But their full breakfast menu in their Battlefields cafe is the star of the show for me. This also changes seasonally and although it has fewer veggie options than the others, what they do offer is delicious. I had their banana pancake stack which was delicious and so filling. Any excuse to have ice cream for breakfast!


This quirky little place is a bit off the beaten track in Strathbungo, so if you weren’t looking for it you’d probably walk straight past it. It’s tiny, only seating about 12 people, so on busy weekends make sure you come early - but if you do have to wait for a table, it’s totally worth it.

Let’s talk about the hotcakes. Oh my god the hotcakes. With their ever changing menu (probably where it gets it’s name from) the hotcakes are what Potluck are most known for year round. The toppings change seasonally but they’re always spectacular and delicious. Four thick american style pancakes shrouded with fruit, syrups, edible flowers and candy floss might sound a bit OTT but the way the flavours compliment each other means they pull it off. I’ve tried a couple of options and they’ve all been incredible!

They serve a small selection savoury breakfasts inspired from all over the world, which look as amazing as the hotcakes. And to enjoy with your breakfast, they serve (bold statement:) the best Flat White in Glasgow.

We know that Potluck is temporarily closed but we are super excited for when they open back up so that we can indulge in some more tasty delights!

As I said this is by no means an exhaustive list, the Southside is teaming with fantastic veggie breakfast places! Where is your favourite place on the Southside to indulge in a veggie breakfast?

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