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Updated: Oct 4, 2018


We’re giving you the scoop …. Southside Fringe now has a member of staff! More will be announced on that soon, however their role will include coming out to meet y’all and chat over how you’d like to take your venue forward with us for 2019.


….what a year 2018 was for us all. In just 16 days there were over 100 events, 113 to be exact, in 30 Southside venues. We’re stoked that you chose to be one of those venues! Thanks to those of you who returned their end of festival surveys, very much appreciated. We send these out to see how things went, how we could improve and what worked well. Most of you let us know how wonderful it all went.


...to hear these things! What we love more though, wait for it, we’re weird this way, is where things haven’t gone so well. This gives us the chance to improve and grow each year. For example after 2017’s Southside Fringe some of our smaller cafe’s voiced disappointment at not getting any events placed and to remedy this we introduced a lower registration fee for smaller cafe’s and retail outlets joining us in 2018. We can’t always guarantee event organisers will want to use your venues, but we do try!


We get asked a lot why venues need to register and what the venue registration fee covers each year. To be able to promote your venue properly to event organisers and then to the public we need to make sure we have everything right, social media links, contact names, your hire terms or what kind of space you have etc. These are the main purposes of the registration form.


So once that form is with us and the reg fee is paid, what do you get? We aim to give each venue a minimum of 12 posts per year, at £40 per year, for your posts alone, it works out at around £3 for each post. However we tend to push the boat out and if you’ve got something on we aren’t limited to just 12, we’ll shout it from the hooses! If there’s something you want the world to know, ping us a message! We hear some social media companies charge £30 upwards for every post they put out for their clients, that’s mental! We list you on our website year round and each of our venues gets a listing in our printed programme. The traffic on our website and facebook reaches 10k+ each year and we produce between 10k and 20k printed programmes annually. Comparing this to venue listing sites, you could be looking at fees of £25+ each year just to get a one line listing and a few mentions in a mailing. And our programme advertising prices are embarrassingly cheap, but we just love getting the good Southside word out. We also put out newsletters and blogs and if you’ve caught our eye we’ll give you a mention.


We’re successfully building our reach through our website, social media and mailing lists and we’d like you to get the maximum benefit from this so this year we’re asking you what you think of dedicated venue newsletters, advertorials, going out to the public. We wonder what you’d think would be reasonable to charge to cover the time taken to research, write and get your venue out there. We also get asked often to place acts in venues and we’re sussing out what kind of budgets or arrangements you’d like to put in place for 2019. Exciting times!


We’ll be introducing you to our new Marketing & Development Manager over the coming weeks and popping in to see you for a good old chinwag on how you’d like your venue used for future festivals, it’s your Fringe afterall. Get the kettle on! In the meantime you can fill out a survey for us here

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