Southside Fringe is incredibly appreciative to Glasgow City Council - Local Area Partnerships in Pollokshields, Langside & Southside Central for supporting us to create an online virtual programme of events for 2021 ‘Plugged In & Wired’. Applications for pre-recorded video material are invited from Southside creatives. Focusing on our programme genres of comedy, music, cabaret, spoken word, literature, food and drink, with artists being invited to submit to an online gallery.  Successfully chosen works will receive a fee from Southside Fringe and curated content will be used to create a virtual backbone for Southside Fringe 2021. Our ‘Plugged In & Wired’ programme will be starting earlier than our usual May Festival timetable this year and will be launched and accessible to the public in March 2021. Southside Fringe will work with successful acts and artists to encourage further income for them from the successful virtual curated content, whilst encouraging donations from the public toward the festival. Please read through the eligibility,  general guidelines, filming support, submission standards and information for your genre. Links to the applications for proposals can be found with the genre information below and a downloadable PDF of the guidelines can be found here & FAQS can be found here DEADLINE EXTENDED TO  MIDNIGHT , FRIDAY 18th DECEMBER

Plugged In & Wired  ..................


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This programme is funded with help from the Area Partnerships, as such, to be eligible for consideration in all categories you have to be a creative living in Wards 6, 7 or 8 on the Southside of Glasgow. For ease this map identifies the eligible areas of Pollokshields, Langside and Southside Central and the person submitting the proposal must live in one of the following postcode districts: G5, G41, G42, G43, G44 or G51. If you live outwith the eligible areas but have a previous history  performing or exhibiting with the Southside Fringe, please still apply as we have a small allocation of our own funds we can commit to quality content. You will be asked on the form to demonstrate which years and shows you previously participated in.



Guidelines ..................

Please read through the guidelines and standards below  carefully.  Each genre link  to the right has a short description of what is invited from applicants and the fees payable to successful submissions. We have limited funds for fees and anticipate applications to over subscribe on the funds available, as such we may be unable to accept all submissions and proposals. There will be a scoring matrix and a decision making panel to select successful submissions for the final curation of the ‘Plugged in & Wired’ Programme.


Details of how we will score applicants are given below, please make sure you meet all criteria and submission standards.


Drama  -  We have not included drama in this programme, as unfortunately the sums secured do not allow us to meet equity rates involved in the prep of full pieces of work,  however if you have a standalone piece already created and filmed, we’d be happy to chat with you and potentially consider for inclusion. Please contact corinna@southsidefringe.org.uk to discuss this.


Fees are outlined in the information for each genre and will only be paid to applicants for successful submissions chosen by the decision panel and upon receipt of final content and an invoice made out to Southside Fringe CIC from you. Please see ‘Key Dates’ for relevant dates and we aim to pay within 7 working days of the final submission dates.

Fees ...................


Submission Categories ...................

We have a limited number of fees to be payable to creatives who are successful in their submission. Please read through your chosen genre guideline before submitting. Submissions can be made of raw footage, edited standalone pieces or proposals. Please ensure all run times and minimum quality and standards are met as outlined in these guidelines. Submissions not meeting eligibility, criteria and standards will not be accepted for consideration. We are inviting the following filmed content for consideration by our decision making panel:


Submission Standards ...

Both complete edited videos and raw video should  meet the following:

File format: MP4 Preferred but can accept MOV, AVI

Filming format: Landscape

Recommended Resolution: 1920 x 1080px (HD) OR 4K (3840 × 2160) 

Recommended Audio: 48 kHz audio 

Aspect Ratio: 16.9 widescreen

Quality: HD or 4K 

Branding: All finalised filmed output will carry the Southside Fringe logo – this will be done by our film team in the final treatment

Please note: Already edited video files should be of the approximate run-times for your chosen genre.

Photographed Art Submissions

File format:  Image file types that are supported: JPG, GIF, PNG

Recommended Resolution: Minimum 300ppi

File size limits: 25MB 


We are inviting submissions from creatives who can send high quality standalone footage, raw or ready for airing and for those who would need technical help to edit or film their work, we can support with a venue and film team. Individual genre submission guidelines and fees are all set out in this guide.  All successful submissions will have to meet the eligibility, deadlines, standards and submission guidelines.

Format of Submissions ........................


If you have ready made video content you can submit for consideration, fantastic, the form will ask you to upload this and send it to us via WeTransfer. If this is the case, please ensure it meets the run times of your chosen genre and application tier. Ready made footage and raw footage submitted must meet the ‘Submission Standards’. We can edit any raw footage you send us as long as it meets the quality standards outlined. However if you feel you can’t self film to the standards and guidelines set out in this document, fear not, we can help. On the form it asks you to give a description of the work that you propose to submit and any supporting links that can give us an idea of your work.  We can also provide a venue and filming team for any successful applicant works not filmed and this would then give you a resource of your own for future use. We will ensure the venue is safe, clean and all filming will be scheduled in keeping with government safety guidelines as published at that time. To access this filming support you will ideally need to be available, if successful on the weeks outlined in ‘Key Dates’. We can however have a bit of flexibility. On the form you’ll find an attendance agreement with these dates also outlined. We will confirm details of specific times on dates with successful applicants. Failure to turn up at agreed times, without prior discussion and agreement will unfortunately disqualify your submission and no fees will be paid.

Filming & Editing Support .......................


Application Process

11th November 2020 -  Launch of Application Process

11th December 2020 -   Closing date for ALL applications 

21st December2020 -  Final decisions on content

28th December 2020 - Successful submissions notified

Filming & Successful Submissions

6th January - 6th February 2021  - Filming and editing support

6th February 2021   - Closing date for successfully chosen self- filmed submissions

6th February 2021 - Closing date for  successfully chosen final artists submissions


Key Dates  .......................


Decision Making .......................

All submissions and proposals will be considered by a decision panel consisting of the Festival Directors, genre hosts and members of our advisory group. A meeting to discuss and sign off successful applicants will be held on or around the 21st of December 2020 with all successful applicants being notified by email no later than the 28th of December. The scoring matrix used by the decision panel for assessing filmed content and proposals will include:

  • Geographical eligibility or previous Fringe history

  • Technical quality of pre-recorded submission 

  • Technical quality of proposed submissions

  • Clarity and quality of proposal

  • Originality

  • Creative quality of content

  • Filmed material or proposal meets run times of genres

  • Availability for filming if support required