Southside Fringe Festival 

8th - 24th May 2020

training & workshops

COVID-19 UPDATE -  as of 03 April 2020 we are reviewing our capacity building programme and working through our delivery options for the foreseeable future. We are exploring the online innovations this could bring for our festival. Please consider the information below for reference only at this point in time and we will update as and when. Thank you for your continued support and patience.



We are offering FREE workshops to help capacity build young people in the Southside of Glasgow. It is hoped that by running workshops young people will feel empowered to participate in our festival (8th-24th of May)  with their own events and activities.  Why is capacity building important? Capacity building enables individuals to build their skills, this can help the individual with confidence, learning new skills and enhancing CVs when applying to college, university or jobs. Capacity building not only makes positive impacts in individuals lives but can empower individuals to help build stronger communities and take focused and positive community action.


Please let us know which workshops would suit your group best. Workshops are FREE and described below, you can also download this information here. Lasting approximately 2 hours long, where ages are not stated, workshops suit the 12-18 year old group. 


You can register your interest in us coming to your group to deliver our FREE workshops via the button below or if you require further information please contact

Engaging your community

This workshop sets out the purpose of engaging your community in the design, planning and delivery of community activities.

Why engage your community

  • How and what you need to engage your community

  • Ways to promote and encourage community  involvement

  • Overcoming barriers

  • How to keep people involved. 

  • How to use the results in your project


This workshop goes in to greater detail on how to let people know about your event. Exploring how to use social media and how to create hard copy promotional materials

  • Your audience

  • Getting the look

  • Good posters

  • Using Facebook

  • Using Instagram

  • Using Twitter

  • Ticketing platforms


This workshop is aimed at the over 16’s interested in working at larger events. This training enables individuals to volunteer as stewards at our launch event, (we’d love to have you) and covers:

  • Site Overview

  • Crowd Safety—Examples

  • Crowd Safety—Dangers

  • Health & Safety

  • Communications & radio use

  • Emergencies

  • Crowd Safety Management



This workshop explores how to design an event from the original idea through to making it happen

  • Concept

  • Timescales

  • Budgets

  • Resources

  • Rehearsals

  • Choosing a venue

  • How to approach a venue

  • Marketing your event

  • Ticketing

  • On the day & after


This workshop looks at the basics of customer service, skills handy in developing good relationships with venues and audiences.

  • Knowing your product

  • Language

  • Relationship building

  • Customer service

  • Conflict Management

  • Collecting and using feedback


This workshop demonstrates how you can use video to market, record and have an archive of your activities

  • Phone apps

  • Video based social media platforms

  • Structuring your video

  • Shooting your video

  • Editing your video

  • Promoting your video

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